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So 300 HAMR is now a SAAMI spec...

I really don't understand the appeal. It is meant to duplicate .30-30 Win, but 7.62x39mm already does that perfectly well. The only real upside is a .308 bullet instead of .311. But that is only relevant if you reload and already do something that takes a .308 and even then sourcing .311 is trivial.

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I work in IT which is the reason this house has:

- mechanical windows
- mechanical door locks
- no Alexa/HomeKit/Google
- no Internet connected thermostats, lamps, or whatnots
- a dumb TV
- wall switches for lights

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Todo list for the weekend 3 nights from now...

1: Look into porting csdr to FreeBSD.

2: Bench mark rtl_fm, csdr, and GNU Radio for analog demodulation.

Sadly looks like the end result will be going with GNU Radio as something that supports piping, does analog demodulation, and is a command line tool is not really something that exists in any real notable or useful manner.

The only real one I've found is csdr, which appears to have some issues from the initial look.

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Wrote this recently. This allows one to run a command on a host in a cluster with the lowest load or RAM usage. Useful for if you have a small cluster you are are using for what ever and want to automatically kick off a job on the one with most resources.


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We seriously can't get a nice decentralized forum alternative soon enough.

Especially with how increasingly centralized lots of forums have become and the increasingly massive shit show that is moderation on Reddit.

Going to be interesting to see where Lemmy goes eventually.


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Wooho! I am now the proud owner of a Unimat SL DB200!

For those not familiar with it, it is a mini lathe/mill/drill press made in Austria starting in the 1950s.

Need to clean it up, buy a few of the missing pieces(lathe head, live center, and a few assorted related bits), and get some new belts.

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Tired: Gonzo journalism

Wired: Statler & Waldorf journalism

Hired: Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem journalism

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our legislative branch will now have a two front war: fight to limit war powers, or squabble about impeachment protocols.

One ball will get dropped. The cheese puff knows the shell game, and will start a war if it gets him what he wants. (Edited because my phone)

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Were-Climate Change?

*Igor points* There Climate Change. There Castle.

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Knowledge I was missing in life: Laibach covered The Sound of Music. http://laibach.org/the-sound-of-music/

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"Martha! The new /etc/hosts just arrived and there's a brand-new knitting site! Come see!"

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I am now the proud owner of a Unimat SL DB200. :3 Can't wait for it to arrive.

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Just organizing my office. I swear MOLLE pouches breed when your not looking.

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Blarg. I hate to say it, but I am putting learning my python on my todo list as that drek language is sadly in vogue when it comes to devops, even though perl + rex is much nicer.

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Device::RAID::Poller 0.0.0 published.

Polls FreeBSD GEOM mirror, Linux mdadm, and ZFS so far. Plan to next add support for MegaCLI.

Also has JSON or nagios/icinga reporting as well. :3



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Been putzing around with rex and I've really been loving it. Begun writing tasks to manage stuff at home and it has been real handy.


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Parse::Netstat::Colorizer 0.1.0 is now out. Now supports search inversion, PTR resolving, searching via PTR, $Env{NO_COLOR} support, and regex PTR search support.

https://metacpan.org/release/Parse-Netstat-Colorizer (likely another hour or so before CPAN updates).

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Been running Poudriere for package building now for a few months and I've absolutely been loving it. Makes pushing out packages with custom build options to everything very trivial.

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Developing a colorized and enhanced netstat has been going nicely. It can search based on CIDR, port, and more. :3

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Just replaced sysutils/fsc with sysutils/monit and so far am loving it. Got tired of fscd occasionally freaking out and going in crazy loops when it comes to restarting stuff over and over.

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An oldie, but a goldie. Yes, there are different qualities of random.

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yeah! icu strikes again

Honestly icu is a package I really hate upgrading. It seems like anytime I upgrade it, there is always something that did not get properly bumped or is not properly marked as a depend or something.
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Spent like 30 minutes trying to figure out what has happening with dovecot and PHP and why webmail was starting to be funny.

So apparently bits of php fail silently if it wants icu can get it. In this case it resulted in the IMAP module reporting issues connecting to the IMAP server.

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Getting the One Mix Yoga to work with FreeBSD...

First booting it requires this bit set at boot. During install you will need to enter it at the loader prompt.


Then when finishing the install you will want to add that to '/boot/loader.conf' before exiting and rebooting.


That all is also handy to add as well. The mouse will load up as a UHID device otherwise once devd starts if you let it. Also as / is not mounted yet, unless you load the FW now, the kernel won't be able to load it automatically. The last two are optional.

Just do your standard X stuff and then change the driver to this...

Section "Device" Identifier "Card0"
Driver "scfb"
Option "Rotate" "cw"
Option "NoAccel" "True"

The framebuffer driver actually works rather well. Although it will load up corrupt every other time, so you may need to kill X if you restart it.

Sadly FreeBSD as no equivalent of fbcon=rotate:1 .

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On the todo list for my weekend, leather work. Need to put together a belt pouch for my One Mix Yoga. Looking forward to having a small portable unix box again. It is what I missed about my old N900. Although I like that this one is FreeBSD... sadly not as small as the N900 and has no cell connectivity.

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ack! Just noticed https://goatdaddy.net/ was working but not http://goatdaddy.net/ thanks to htaccess erroring on that thanks to the virtual dir for PHP-FPM not being ignored in the htaccess. Forgot it requires a different instance of that for HTTP and HTTPS and had it only ignoring one of them.

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My ZSH prompt...

%B%F{green}[%F{magenta}%n%F{green}@%F{red}%m%F{green}]%F{yellow}$?%F{green}{%F{magenta}`sysctl -n dev.cpu.0.freq`%F{green},%F{red}`sysctl -n dev.cpu.0.temperature`%F{green}}%F{cyan}%/%b%f%B%F{green}%f%F{magenta}$(__git_ps1)%f>%b%f

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FreeBSD 11.2 on the One Mix Yoga

Got a One Mix Yoga and I've thrown FreeBSD 11.2 on it. I've been really pleased with it. Sound and touch screen does not work, but wireless and the mouse does so it all good.

Also I am really pleased with the performance of the scfb X driver.

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Been reconning my new One Mix Yoga via Xubuntu 18.04 for getting FreeBSD on it. One thing has really stood out to me and that is how fucking little software is available in Ubuntu.

Also was Pocket Pussy already taken for a release name?

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When it comes to the GDFPR, I find it curious how people constantly overlook it does nothing to shutdown the bad actors. Just creates some fines the large companies can pay, requires them to rewrite their software, and add a few additional bits to their EULAs so it can be business as usual.

The fact it did not outlaw the sort of datamining Google and Facebook does and adds in toeknized pseudonymisation is all one needs to see it is a joke. Sure, you can ask them to delete the mapping key, but that is pointless with the amount of data being gathered as it will quickly be regenerated.

Crony capitalism at its finest. Allows large companies to be pieces of shit while helping lock out smaller ones.

It utterly ignores what it is trying to regulate is a market that needs to flat out die.

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Watching people try to defend WebUSB is painful and cringe worthy.

On a similar note it is curious to watch people deny the massive holes in the GDPR.

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Red Shell Spyware

Been interesting to look at how the mods on various subreddits have been burying it. On the popular gaming subreddits there are no pinned posts about it, despite the level of scandal, notability, and the like of it.

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Hunter S. Thompson Calls Tech Support, Unleashes a Tirade Full of Fear and Loathing (NSFW). A classic https://goo.gl/G2v8k https://t.co/Zk08Ry3hzD

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