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So was sitting down and comparing borgbackup and urbackup features when I noticed apparently the peps behind urbackup don't use Github issues or anything else even remotely close to sane. Apparently they use Atlassian Jira for issue reporting. This made the choice easy, borgbackup all the way.

Fuck everything about Atlassian and JIRA, speaking as some one who has had their insanely slow and incompetent SW inflicted upon them before.

So it is looking like BackupPC is sadly dead.

4.4.0 has been a buggy non-functional release for nearly for like 3 years now.

tonights plans... beer and coding... and finding something funny to listen to

Blargs. Looks like I am going to have to do a massive rewrite for Suricata::Monitoring for making the most out of Suricata 7. Wrote it original for 7 and finally having a chance to sit down and look at new stuff for 7 and lots of new stuff to add.

So Ixchel now has Suricata config generation working. Just need to test the Sagan config gen and xeno_build stuff.