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Today is International Day of Persons with Disabilities. For us gamers an opportunity to talk about #accessibility. More #gamedev should consider at least color blind options, adjustable font sizes (or UI scaling) and remappable controls. More people could play your games! #a11y
I whipped together some Dana sprites from a GB resource pack for RM2k. Enjoy~

Resource pack link: https://sellfy.com/p/fDa5/
#pixelart #gamedev #rpgmaker

Content warning: gamedev, RPG mechanic idea, day/night cycle

Hello all, I am an #indiedev #gamedev and #pixelart artist mostly, but I also do some traditional and other types of digital art.

I'm particularly interested in #scifi #cyberpunk genres, and themes around AI, identity, selfhood, authority, the illusions of consumerism, religion and capitalism, and workers rights and democracy.

But mostly I ignore all that and just do whatever #pixel_dailies tells me :P

It’s hard to believe Journey is already 6 years old. There have been very few games that capture environmental ambiance so well

Subserial Network is up for pre-order!

If you've been waiting to explore the mesh network of the post-singularity, and track down and re-humanise synthetics who want new bodies, new interfaces, to live within the Net, in a multiple window retrofuture ... now you can!

Or, soon. But now you can commit. #gamedev #gameing

Our next game, Sol Hemochroma, comes out September 4th (this Tuesday!). An adaptation of a lost CBC classic, an alchemy conspiracy film for hip teens. #gamedev

I just cut the trailer, so here you go:

YouTube: Sol Hemochroma - Trailer (Matilde Park)

Okay I was too excited to sleep so I made this gif to show you the brand new....

🎉 Byte Driver Level Transition 🎉

#gameing #gamedev

CW: gif is shaky and glitchy af
First test for simple mouth animations!

The mouth is a floating mesh with a spritesheet-like texture; the head uses a morph/blend shape to match it. #furry #gamedev
An ostrich appears

Via: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/kba36

#Art #3D #GameDev
TIL There's a game called "Wolf"

You're the wolf


"The game Wolf puts you into the lives of individual wolves, with their own names and histories, trying their best to survive."

questions for ppl who do 3D modeling:

* Is Blender's sculpting functions just as horrible as the rest of its UI?
* If I make a model in Sculptris can I pose/rig it, or does it have to be imported elsewhere to do that?
* some better character modeling program i'm not aware of?

#mastoart #gamedev #art #3d
Scene from VirtuaVerse, a #Cyberpunk point and click adventure game

Animation by Valenberg

"Remember Me" (2013) by Dontnod Entertainment, a #Cyberpunk video game in which the protagonist tries to recover her memories after they were wiped by a ruthless megacorporation

Made a bunch of cosmetic changes to Dirt today, but I didn't change the ending he he. It's had over a thousand downloads now!


#screenshotsaturday #pixelart #alakajam #gamedev
I have previously dabbled with the idea of creating this game I came up with called The Void. It's an exploration/puzzle #pixelart game.

I am considering picking this project back up and working on it again. I didn't do much aside from initial idea planning and a couple of pixel art concepts.

I also don't know how to make games, but I was thinking of learning #godot to build it.

This is what my #Alakajam game looks like as of now, with ~18 hours remaining. I've mostly concentrated on the code and writing, and it is a functional but buggy game about a struggling farmer.

Well, maybe more of an interactive narrative thingy than a game...

#pixelart #gamedev #indiedev
Finally, an update on this thing! Instead of doing actual work, I've been messing with more tree-generating tools.

The sketch-based generators still required too much human input for my tastes, so I wrote a generator that spits out trees with a single click.

The trees in the gif are straight out of the generator, no manual tweaks at all. Not perfect, but not bad at all for requiring one click to make.

#gamedev #pixelart
Final mid-stage background between forest/ice-cave, with last additions, no UI. Only needs animations and gameplay integration.

#gamedev #indiedev #PixelArt #mastoart #art #creativetoots #creative #gameart #8bit #ドット絵
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