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Introducing ncnetstat, a netstat like utility that can search the connections based on...

CPU usage percent
memory usage percent
wait channel



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Blarg. I hate to say it, but I am putting learning my python on my todo list as that drek language is sadly in vogue when it comes to devops, even though perl + rex is much nicer.

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Been work with Elasticsearch and been really sorta meh with Kibana. Fixed that with a bit of Perl. Handles fail2ban, syslog, postfix, and HTTP access so far.

Being able to search and display it via the command line I've been finding incredibly handy.


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Device::RAID::Poller 0.0.0 published.

Polls FreeBSD GEOM mirror, Linux mdadm, and ZFS so far. Plan to next add support for MegaCLI.

Also has JSON or nagios/icinga reporting as well. :3



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Proc::ProcessTable::Colorizer 0.3.1 published.

Basically fixes a few issues for Linux, making it usable on there.


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ugh, I'm going through all this trouble when I could have just come to Fry's?

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I have achieved Voice over IP with this Rolm phone and a Cisco SPA112 analog telephone adapter. I am now unstoppable. I will become a l33t phr34k and hack the planet.

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OMG! I found my favorite font ever.


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I really want to like the NextCloud CalDav stuff... but it just lacks so much stuff compared to davical.

Honestly it is amazing at how terrible all the caldav stuff still is in general.

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Been putzing around with rex and I've really been loving it. Begun writing tasks to manage stuff at home and it has been real handy.


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Parse::Netstat::Colorizer 0.1.0 is now out. Now supports search inversion, PTR resolving, searching via PTR, $Env{NO_COLOR} support, and regex PTR search support.

https://metacpan.org/release/Parse-Netstat-Colorizer (likely another hour or so before CPAN updates).


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Been running Poudriere for package building now for a few months and I've absolutely been loving it. Makes pushing out packages with custom build options to everything very trivial.

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Developing a colorized and enhanced netstat has been going nicely. It can search based on CIDR, port, and more. :3


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For any one who has ever wanted to parse netstat data with Perl and then search it, I wrote something that nicely does that using the returned data from Parse::Netstat.


Now to make something for colorizing it.

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Just replaced sysutils/fsc with sysutils/monit and so far am loving it. Got tired of fscd occasionally freaking out and going in crazy loops when it comes to restarting stuff over and over.

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An oldie, but a goldie. Yes, there are different qualities of random.

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yeah! icu strikes again

Honestly icu is a package I really hate upgrading. It seems like anytime I upgrade it, there is always something that did not get properly bumped or is not properly marked as a depend or something.
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Spent like 30 minutes trying to figure out what has happening with dovecot and PHP and why webmail was starting to be funny.

So apparently bits of php fail silently if it wants icu can get it. In this case it resulted in the IMAP module reporting issues connecting to the IMAP server.
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