"The Purpose Of A System Is Also What It Will Do In The Hands Of Stalkers, Corporations And Militaries" is a hell of a sentence, with credit to @billseitz for the phrase.

Our responsibilities aren't constrained to the limits of our intentions.

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Suricata 7 support has now been merged into LibreNMS.

Jake Williams mastodon (AP)
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When people complain about kink at pride, IMHO what they are doing is expressing how clueless they are about sexual expression in every day life, media, etc is. What they are complaining about is that it different than what they like and how others must confirm to their interests.

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w00t! Getting close to finally finalizing updating Suricata bits for LibreNMS.

Hazel Weakly mastodon (AP)

I can't tell you how beyond fucking infuriating it is that we're DDOSing and suing libraries and archives, but are sponsoring and funding Piracy Regurgitating as a Service (large language models)

This truly is a monumentally shitty timeline in so many ways


"This attack has been sustained, impactful, targeted, adaptive, and importantly, mean." Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine under DDoS cyber-attack: https://blog.archive.org/2024/05/28/internet-archive-and-the-wayback-machine-under-ddos-cyber-attack/

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So just got called a MAGA troll for pointing out policing in places like Chicago and NYC is racist as fuck and if the politicians don't care about the racist policing they sure as fuck don't care about those same police attacking people in the LGBT community.

Yes... MAGA trolls are so prone for demanding police reform and complaining about racism etc.

Fucking hell, I so can't stand pro-fascist pro-Democratic tools.

"lf a person refused to (unmask), that right there should cause you some sense of alarm."

NYC Mayor Eric Adams continues to encourage businesses to request customers to unmask. This is ableist, puts people's health at risk, and is NOT required by law.

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Hippy Steve mastodon (AP)

I wish I knew more about this project in San Luis Potosí, Mexico.
I suspect this is part of bus driver training.

I'm imagining the DMV making it a part of every driving test for your license. Some people learn best by experiencing the consequences of their actions from the victim's perspective.

#BikeTooter #ShareTheRoad #DrivingSafety

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Just your most recent reminder the people behind Plex are a bunch of goat fraggers.


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So. I got called a "homelab waaior" for having wanting math for load balancing to be fast, efficient, easy to tweak, and predictable. And for pointing out that the math in question is largely integer math and been fairly settled for decades.

Ahhh... yes... the dude who literally specializes in system monitoring could not possibly understand anything about this...

Haha. I must say, this made my day.

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I think I've come up with the perfect way to describe AI... "a Markov chain with delusions of grandeur"

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So hoppscotch has come out and proved it a great example of what is wrong in the opensource community. Also proving themselves to be massive leeches. The concept of difference between personal and enterprise is bullocks in this sphere and only furthers to fuck over everything from a security stand point.


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Has me wondering if there is any good open source alternatives to this or if it is time to fork it.
Sevoris mastodon (AP)

Wow, seriously? Authentication servers for an API system are inherently and always commercial?

Yeah, this looks pretty bad.

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W00t! New Borgbackup and DHCP stuff merged into LibreNMS. Need to get around to finishing Suricata now. Thinking of reworking NFS for fun and converging the Linux and FreeBSD bits for it.

Armchair Dragoons mastodon (AP)
completely stolen from a Friend-of-the-Dragoons
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greuh mastodon (AP)
#ttrpg #cyberpunk
Guy works for … Google in Zurich.
It’s a very long message to say … « are we the baddies? » 🤣😂
I wonder if he plays Agent Smith in that game…
Oleg Eterevsky

I'm playing Cyberpunk and one thing that is
bothering me is that the modern pop culture
makes thieves and other criminals more
sympathetic than corporation.

I mean I understand the perception of
corporate greed and ruthlessness, but come
on, why do people empathize more with
murderers than with corpo execs?

2:05 AM . 12/13/23 From Earth . 299 Views
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Jan Schaumann mastodon (AP)

Here's your regular reminder that by picking a cutesy name under some #ccTLD you are necessarily relinquishing full control to the ccTLD owner. @violetblue found out about that when Lybia shut down her vb.ly back in... 2010 or so? Now here is @GossiTheDog noting that queer.af was suspended by the Taliban.

Don't register your domains under a repressive regime's #TLD.


#DNS #censorship

Queer.af mastodon instance has been shut down by the Taliban (not a joke, they seized the domain name).


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Ahhhspooky mastodon (AP)
I want you to know I’ve been telling everyone that I hang out with (my fiancé and dog) about this. I’m very very excited about this project.

packetcat mastodon (AP)

"They Want You To Forget What A Film Looks Like" by Chris Person


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devopscats mastodon (AP)
Looks like my APC PDU flash/rom is dead.... This looks interesting... https://github.com/pimvanpelt/apc7920
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Sadly this won't mean the death of Nextcloud Mail as they still can't admit their own home rolled webmail is utter garbage.

Chewie mastodon (AP)

Oh great, now #SchneiderElectric are requiring a support contract for their #APC #UPS devices.

I just upgraded the firmware on the #NMC3 attached to my #SmartUPS, and got the message attached :(

That'll be the last time I upgrade this device then :(


Screenshot showing the message I got after upgrading the firmware: 

v2.5.x is the last NMC3 firmware version that will be available without an NMC3 Support Contract. Support Contracts provide access to new features, enhancements, and security updates. To learn more, please visit apc.com/secure-nmc
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So was sitting down and comparing borgbackup and urbackup features when I noticed apparently the peps behind urbackup don't use Github issues or anything else even remotely close to sane. Apparently they use Atlassian Jira for issue reporting. This made the choice easy, borgbackup all the way.

Fuck everything about Atlassian and JIRA, speaking as some one who has had their insanely slow and incompetent SW inflicted upon them before.

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So it is looking like BackupPC is sadly dead.

4.4.0 has been a buggy non-functional release for nearly for like 3 years now.

Karl Baron mastodon (AP)

I found the network rack gacha! Assumed it was so niche it would only be found in like Tokyo but there was one around my neck of the woods as well.

This is the cutest thing ever! Look at the little cables and cable management hoops, the PDU, all of it is so well-done!

#japan #gacha #networking #sysadmin #mb

A gacha machine with an image of network rack toys on the front The built network rack from the front, with two Cisco switches and a Furukawa Electric. Cables go between them.
The un-constructed bits of plastic toy network gear all spread out The rear with power cables going to a PDU through cable management hoops.
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tonights plans... beer and coding... and finding something funny to listen to

Ginpu mastodon (AP)
Hey there. In short I'm looking for potential donors as I need a live liver transplant. I've set up a bunch of information and links over at - https://ginpuliver.carrd.co/

Even if you cannot help me directly, please share this with others. There is bound to be someone out there that can help.

Thank you all in advance.

#art #anthro #ginpu #liver #pbc #livelivertransplant #transplant #AIH #PrimaryBiliaryCholangitis
Image of Ginpu character cradling a cartoon liver with a head bandage on. There is text that reads: Hello there. I am in need of a live liver transplant. Posting this in hopes of finding a compatible donor.
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So Ixchel now has Suricata config generation working. Just need to test the Sagan config gen and xeno_build stuff.

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Blargs. Looks like I am going to have to do a massive rewrite for Suricata::Monitoring for making the most out of Suricata 7. Wrote it original for 7 and finally having a chance to sit down and look at new stuff for 7 and lots of new stuff to add.

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W00t! Since App Data got added to LibreNMS, I am now counting 3 items using it I've had nothing to do with. Actually maybe 4. I forget if I did the update for one of them or not or if that was some one else.

That said awesome to see it being used.

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So with threads on Arfcom attacking Karl Kasarda over supporting the rights of those of us in the LGBT community... and then Brownells dropping support of Cornfield Brutality, I will never again have do any business with them. Also worth noting Arfcom is owned by Brownells and their refusal to clamp down on that drek just is basically them giving it a nod.

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So CAPEv2 support is now in LibreNMS. :3

Just waiting on Sneck support to get merged now. https://github.com/librenms/librenms/pull/13954

Begun working on support for Lilith.

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Suricata Conditional PCAPs

Started testing these today at work. I am so looking forward to 7 being released.

Going to be writing something for grabbing these for Lilith.

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Q: What the cannibal say after hearing SILENT NIGHT?
A: I like mine crispy and spicy!

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workstation now running FreeBSD 13

Nice to finally have upgraded. Basically everything of mine is now off 12. :)

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Finally Rebuilt Etc! :3


Finally finished rebuilding this instance.
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